A Post Grad's Guide to Avoiding a Vegetative State

#globalcitizen #by2030

#globalcitizen #by2030


Fem Art Friday Feature: Hannah Wilke

Hannah Wilke was a trailblazing feminist art who began to work in the 1960s with her astoundingly personal pieces, many of which often implicated her own body in discussion of the female form, sexuality, and vaginal imagery. In her photographic series S.O.S — Starification Object Series (pictured above, 1st photo) she did just this by sculpting tiny vulvas out of chewing gum which she then placed all over her body.  Continuing her art throughout her life until her death from lymphoma in 1993, Wilke continued to explore feminist themes. After her death, her work Intra-Venus which chronicled her deterioration due to chemotherapy was released (pictured above, 3rd series of photos). 

Learn more about Hannah Wilke and her work here:

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this is what i’ve been doing all pre-session at my new job (at a school). Gotta love free second-breakfast. 

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